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North West Polarized Eyewear was founded in Sisters, Oregon with the primary goal of offering an innovative approach to selling wholesale eyewear and accessories. We feel it should be Easy to buy, Easy to sell and Supply you with the tools to make all that possible.

Based on first-hand experience in the eyewear business both retail and wholesale, we have created advanced solutions that our customers have found useful, beneficial and more profitable. North West Polarized will remain dedicated to improving our products and services, giving our customers the resources and tools needed.

Whether you are in the sunglass and accessory business or planning to do so, we look forward to an opportunity to work with you.  Our company continues to improve our products and services with a dedication to your increased profitability.

North West Polarized Eyewear

175 S Timberpine Pl
Sisters, OR 97759

541.549.6559 541.390.5314

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